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  • Os Peixes Dormem de Olhos Abertos?

    Three strangers in a tropical city, at places that could be anywhere in the world. A building with white, empty rooms, shops that sell cheap products Made in China, a beach with shark attacks, the sea. Lixue, Ah, and Bo inhabit a city that imposes a reality on them that is more like fiction, or perhaps a prediction of the future cities of the world. Three verses of an incomplete song, but who speaks through whose voice?

    Director(s): Nele Wohlatz
    Producers: Emilie Lesclaux, Violeta Bava, Mónica Pérez
    Production companies: Cinemascópio, Ruda Cine
    Labs: FIDLab (Marseille), JCP: NEXT EDITION (Jeonju FF), Cinemart